What are some next career steps for Customer Success professionals?

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

In my experience with the industry, the Software-as-a-Service and Customer Success community is still growing, and it is here to stay. The optimism of investors, as shown in this article by Point Nine Capital, and the boom of cloud computing apps will continue to support the rapid growth of the Customer Success industry.

If you are passionate about Customer Success, continue to build your experience in the industry, and involve yourself in different SaaS companies. This variety of experience will set you up to mould a unique & effective approach to Customer Success, and poise you as a thought leader in the booming world of SaaS companies. Also remember to network effectively during SaaS and CS conferences, such as Pulse by Gainsight, SaaStr Annual by SaaStr.com, and Dreamforce by Salesforce.

If you want to move on from Customer Success, some other careers that may be similar will be Enterprise Software Account Management, Enterprise Software Service/Solution Delivery, Customer Service Consultant, Community Management in Co-working Spaces etc.

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