The Only Customer Success Manager Salary Comparison Report You Will Need In 2019.

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

A salary report for both employers and employees in SaaS.

The new year has begun, and it is often during this time that many companies are looking to ramp up hiring. We curated salary data from Glassdoor, Payscale, and personal networks to aggregate more than 4000 salary data points on Customer Success professionals.

We collected data from four major regions in the world where Customer Success was one of the most popular jobs in 2018, according to LinkedIn's workforce report for each country. The salary reports totalled 4342 data points.

These four countries/regions are: Singapore, Australia, United States, & United Kingdom.

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Customer Success Salaries in Singapore

Customer Success Salaries in Australia

Customer Success Salaries in United States

Customer Success Salaries in United Kingdom


If you have noticed, the higher end of "Customer Success Manager" salaries in all four regions have a wide range with the higher end of the spectrum being paid extremely well.

Our hypothesis is that different companies have stark differences in requirements for Customer Success Managers. For example, Microsoft in Singapore is recruiting for a CSM prospect with 10 years of prior experience, where as Mixpanel is looking for someone with 3+ years of prior experience. The hiring requirements vary pretty widely, which therefore justifies this wide wage spectrum that we have derived in the data.

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